Floria Hofmann
A1 Foreign Assistance
Floria Hofmann
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Floria Hofmann
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English Language Trainer;Intercultural Competence, Global Negotiation Skills,Global team Building;Global Sales and Customer Service,Dynamic Teamwork
Global Executive Coaching for an effective and efficient leadership growth.
Cultural Competency is a necessity nowadays. Interaction with a skill to establish and understand a positive foundation for your business assignment in Asia. Cognitive orientation that explores cultural differences and their impact upon communication, relationship building and business norms. Briefings to management and their families about the dynamic in living and working abroad. Business ethics and the Do's and Don'ts integrated with their customs and traditions. Team building and effective communication skills are basic needs to develop an international career growth.

A wealth of European and American management techniques with a touch of Asian sensitivity are my assets to assist your task in exploring this different business world. My goal is to be able to give you the ability to gulf the difference between these two worlds, synthesize the two and adapt the best from each. To effectively and efficiently work globally. it is vital to have a competent understanding of the complicated network and traditions.


Interkulturelles Management

Schwerpunkt   Rhetorik/Körpersprache
  Cognitive Orientation, Business Etiquette, Negotiation Tacti
Schwerpunkt   International
  Personnel Management for Asian employees
  Asian Mimics and Body Language (Körpersprache)


Schwerpunkt   Englisch
  Intercultural Aspects, US-GAAP System of Accounting,
  Business Small Talk
  Business-English, Telephoning in English, Sprachkurse
  Verkaufstraining auf Englisch
  Bewerbung in English + CV/Resume


Schwerpunkt   Führungskräfte Coaching
  Relocation : Managers who will be sent to Asia
Schwerpunkt   Bewerbungstraining
  Arbeiten in Ausland + Interview
  Preparation of Cover Letter and Resume (CV)

Management & Führung

Schwerpunkt   Coaching und Beratung